Death will occur when you reach negative twice your constitution score.


In order to simplify the process of experience, everyone will earn the same amount of xp each week. Characters that are absent will be run by other players. Anyone who will be gone for an extended period will be removed – but considered off on another mission – so their xp doesn’t go down (but they will not receive access to treasure from the campaign).

Heritage Weapons and Armor

Character itemization has always been a tough issue to deal with in RPG’s. You earn a sword and when a “better” one comes along – it gets thrown by the wayside. The campaign will introduce certain heritage items – which are items that will grow with the character. When you first receive the item, and it is identified, you will only know the powers that are accessible to you at that time. As you grow in strength, the item will grow with you and these new powers will be made known to the wielder. I think this provides a better role playing opportunity – and allows the players to focus more on the game and less on the itemization.


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